How many throws will you need to finish?

In the varied terrain of Strecktal Park, a total of fifteen holes with different challenges (total length 1.8 kilometres) await players both young and old. DiscGolf is a modified version of golf – you don’t play with clubs or balls, but with special Frisbees.
Instead of a hole in the ground, the target is a metal basket. As with regular golf, the goal is to finish the round with as few throws as possible.

The use

The facility is available for free from the city of Pirmasens and the Dynamikum Science Center. It is open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm; from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm November 1 to March 1. Visitors usually play in groups of three to five people. Plan about two hours of play time for a school class/group. DiscGolf is a sport for young and old people. Anyone who can play Frisbee can also play DiscGolf.

Here we go!

All you need is sturdy shoes, comfortable clothing and a stable Frisbee – a “midrange” disc is a good choice to get a feel for the throwing technique. These can be borrowed in Dynamikum at the entrance for € 3.00.


Scorecards with the route map are available at the tourist information office in the Rheinberger and at the Dynamikum front desk during opening hours.


Download and print it yourself:

Course plan


Guests of the park area as well as the users of the facility are subject to the park regulations. Entering or playing in the park and its facilities is at your own risk. In case of damage, especially those that could affect safety, we ask for notification directly to the garden and cemetery office of the city of Pirmasens.

DiscGolf rules


  1. Your goal is to complete each hole by throwing the disc in the metal basket with as few throws as possible.
  2. Your first throw on each hole takes place at the starting zone. Then you continue from wherever your Frisbee lands. Keep throwing the Frisbee until you get it in the basket.
  3. Whoever’s DiscGolf Frisbee is furthest from the target takes the next turn.
  4. On some tracks there are penalty areas. If your DiscGolf disc lands there, you will receive a penalty point and must continue from the penalty area.
  5. The player(s) with the fewest throws wins.
  6. Play it honestly – that’s the spirit of the game!

Basic regulations

Please use only the areas designated as holes for playing.

Safety and consideration have priority! Throw only if the fairway is really free. If the area you want to throw to is not visible from your location, walk ahead and make sure nobody is there.

Trees, branches and shrubs are part of the course. Do not bend or break them. The natural environment must be protected!

Please use the equipment of the facility only for its intended purpose. Climbing in particular is prohibited.


11th Dynamikum Winter-Open, Strecktal Park Pirmasens

The 11th Dynamikum Winter Open took place on March 16, 2024. Congratulations to all winners!

8th Rizzi Open, Strecktal Park Pirmasens

The 8th edition of the Rizzi Open took place on May 20 and 21, 2023 – congratulations to all winners!


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