Info days and education sessions

Well informed!

The Dynamikum offers educational professionals different options to learn about our programs for groups with students and further develop specific topics.


Teacher afternoons

Which exhibits and projects are suitable for my school class or kindergarten group? How can I convey the content in a meaningful way? Interested group supervisors have the opportunity to get to know the Dynamikum free of charge, plan the visit and familiarize themselves with the possibilities in the centre.
After a short introduction, visitors can explore the Dynamikum. In a final discussion, visitors can ask any questions about the group visit, the individual possibilities for use and the educational approaches. We can provide a confirmation of participation. Registration is required.


Information days for teachers and educators

The Dynamikum often hosts information days for teachers and educators to present the content of the museum. These are cooperative events with the pedagogical state institute. In addition to a free visit to the permanent exhibits, participants also get insight into our workshops and current special exhibit topics.