Birthday parties

The Dynamikum is the ideal place for a birthday party: More than 160 experimentation stations invite you to tinker and play, and in addition, researchers small and large learn many exciting things from the wide world of science in a playful way. The day is guaranteed to be unforgettable!


In order to meet your wishes and ideas, we offer a wide range of options, from which you can choose an individual focus. For a refreshment in between, our in-house café offers sweet and savoury snacks, healthy treats like fresh fruit, delicious salads and warm and cool drinks for smart minds. It is possible to reserve tables with the “birthday option”. In addition, the adjacent Strecktal Park is home to an adventure playground, a volleyball court and large areas to play and run around – because even researchers need a creative break! The birthday child receives free admission.

Advance registration

We ask that you book birthdays at least ten days in advance so that we can make all the preparations for a successful birthday in the Dynamikum.

  • Welcome and introduction by a guide
  • Individual visit of the interactive museum

Small group visits

Registered groups get an introduction by the employees of the Dynamikum at the beginning of the visit: The children are welcomed and explore an exhibit together with their guide. Afterwards, visitors can explore the exhibits as they wish.

  • Welcome and introduction by a guide
  • One-hour, age-appropriate workshop
  • Individual visit to the exhibition

Groups of seven or more children can, in addition to the regular visit to the Dynamikum, experiment for one hour in our workshop room under supervision. One of the topics listed here can be selected.


Workshop program

Roll animals (5 – 7 years)

What is faster: Crocodile? Turtle? Slug? We find out! We build little animals with scissors, pencil and glue. These are capable of speeding across the floor. The children can take the home-made animals home with them.

Periscope (7 – 10 years)

How can detectives see around corners? With a periscope! A periscope is a device that changes the direction of the perspective with the help of mirrors. We build one and children take them home.

Soma cubes (8 – 13 years)

The soma cube is a mathematical puzzle game. In the workshop, participants build seven different pieces of wood from 27 small wooden cubes. These result in the correct combination of a whole cube. But it’s not that easy to find them! Participants can take the cubes home – along with a solution, of course.

Parachute (8 – 13 years)

How does a parachute work? We build working parachutes, which allow a weight of several meters to slide safely to the ground. Participants can also take the parachutes home, of course.

  • Welcome and introduction by a guide
  • Individual educational support for a total of three hours
  • An age-appropriate workshop from the birthday workshop program

In addition to the workshop option “Dynamikum experiments”, we offer a total of three hours of accompaniment by an experienced educational assistant for groups of seven children or more. This assistant is exclusively responsible for the birthday group; they greet you at the start and are always available to the kids in the event of any questions, which makes the afternoon a very special experience! Workshop and supervision cost per child an additional € 10.00. There is no charge for the birthday child.

Optional: Birthday table in the Dynamikum

We would be happy to set a table exclusively for the birthday guests in the cafeteria area. We charge a flat rate for the reservation of the table, €25.00 for up to twelve guests. Larger tables are possible; we charge €5.00 for every four additional places. Various sweet and savoury pastries, food, snacks, ice cream, fresh fruit, cold and hot drinks for the birthday table are available in a large and reasonably priced selection at our cafeteria counter. It is possible to pre-order muffins, donuts, sandwiches, etc. – it is best to do so when booking the event.

Birthday menu