Worksheets for download

Experimenting and observing in a concentrated manner, making hypotheses and trying them out, estimating, measuring and repeating – that’s how scientific research goes! In order to make the visit to the Dynamikum an optimal supplement to classroom learning, we offer a number of worksheets here. Our team is happy to provide support in terms of content and didactics.


Puzzle tours

Using the puzzle tours, students take a closer look at several exhibits from very different topics in the Dynamikum. Students solve tasks at the various stations and record the answers on the sheet. If all questions have been answered correctly, the result is a solution word. We recommend that students work together in groups of two to four and that teams start at different exhibits for the tour.

Puzzle Tour: Gear (grades 3 to 5)
Puzzle Tour: Air Bags (grade 6 and up)


Other worksheets (grade 7 and up)

Simple Machines

Students often think of machines as extremely complex devices beyond their comprehension, and indeed there are a variety of different machines for a variety of purposes. All mechanical systems can be traced back to just four basic types. The worksheet introduces these and shows applications in the Dynamikum and in general practice.


Seeing takes place not only in the eye but above all in the brain. If the brain plays a joke on us, we “see” things that actually do not exist. The worksheet introduces students to exhibits that deliberately create illusions and allows them to study the subject intensively.


Papers, clipboards and pencils can be borrowed at the front desk. Worksheets are free to download and use. They are also available at the counter in the Dynamikum for a small fee. Solution sheets for the worksheets are available on request or free from the counter. For questions in the exhibition, our team is always happy to help.