Teaching Topics

Materials for the exhibition

In order to make the visit to the Dynamikum the perfect complement to the school’s course content, we offer a number of options to help teachers prepare the phenomena behind the exhibits in an individual and age-appropriate manner. This lets teachers prepare for or follow up on the subject matter in the classroom.

From the rotary table to planetary orbits

It is easy to create a fascinating lesson with the help of the exhibits from the rotary table, to the multimedia planetary space, to the Foucault pendulum.


The rope slingshot

Why is a soft rope stiff in the air? Just the way it is – or explainable and predictable? Observation: middle school/sixth form


Inertia, balance

Some exhibit examples from the physics of mechanics can be brought into a logical context across almost all Dynamikum departments.

The perfect wave …

Various waves and their expansion become understandable in the exhibits “Big Spring”, Kundt’s pipe, wave trough and many more.


Light and shadows

A lesson on the physics of light – exhibits from sun and seasons, to refraction and polarization, to reflection.